What is Dehydration?
Lots Of Things Can
Lead To Dehydration,
Making You Feel
Even Worse.

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Dehydration hero
Dehydration hero

Have A Headache? Does Your Little One Seem Tired Or Cranky?
These Might Be Signs Of Dehydration.

The better you understand dehydration symptoms, signs, and causes, the more you can help
yourself or your kids. If you have those symptoms, rehydrate with Pedialyte® to See the Lyte and feel better fast.

Learn about these dehydration symptoms that can be found in a variety of ages, including infants, young children, and older adults:


dehydration symptoms dehydration symptoms

* Mild to moderate dehydration.

What is dehydration?

We lose water every day through natural bodily functions, but dehydration occurs when we lose more bodily fluids than we’re taking in. Because humans are made up of mostly water and electrolytes, we need to maintain the proper balance of these in our system. That means drinking fluids is important throughout the day. Proper hydration improves mood, boosts brain function, and prevents fatigue. It also helps to keep skin moisturized, produce necessary bodily fluids, such as tears and saliva, and remove waste through sweat, urination, and stool.

Several things can cause dehydration but anytime you or your little one experiences excessive loss of bodily fluids through sickness, it can be hard to stay hydrated. You or your little one may lose more water and electrolytes than you’re able to easily replace by eating and drinking. Be sure to talk with your doctor if you have questions or concerns about these symptoms of dehydration.

Bodily functions that can cause you or your kids
to lose fluids and electrolytes include:

Diarrhea & Vomiting

Diarrhea and vomiting that comes on suddenly and severely can cause a quick loss of a lot of fluids and electrolytes


You lose a lot of water and electrolytes when you sweat, so the more you sweat, the sooner you may become dehydrated


If your pee is a darker color than usual, you may be dehydrated

What are electrolytes?

Electrolytes are minerals essential to your health. They help carry electrical signals that power your nerves and muscles, maintain your blood’s proper pH, and balance fluids in your body. You get electrolytes from what you eat and drink, and you lose them any time you lose fluids (like when you sweat or go to the bathroom).

dehydration source
dehydration source
dehydration source

What causes dehydration?

Several factors can lead to the risk of dehydration. Luckily, Pedialyte can help you or your family hydrate no matter what causes your dehydration.

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How to replace electrolytes? 

Water doesn’t have enough electrolytes, so for mild to moderate dehydration, often just drinking water isn’t enough. For proper hydration, we need both the drinking fluids and electrolytes, like those found in Pedialyte, to rehydrate and feel better fast.

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Choose from the common causes of dehydration below to learn more
about how they lead to dehydration and how Pedialyte can help:

Morning Sickness can lead to dehydration

Expectant mothers may find they spend a lot of time in the bathroom vomiting, which can lead to fluid and electrolyte loss. Pedialyte is generally safe to use if you’re expecting, but be sure to talk to your doctor about your morning sickness symptoms and rehydration needs.

How does Pedialyte work?

For more than 50 years, Pedialyte has helped people of all ages replace both the fluids and electrolytes they’ve lost due to challenging moments of dehydration. Backed by advanced science, Pedialyte contains an optimal balance of sugar and electrolytes for fast rehydration. And we’re the #1 Pediatrician recommended oral electrolyte solution brand and the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand for hydration. So rehydrate with Pedialyte to See the Lyte and feel better fast.

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* For mild to moderate dehydration.