Sunshine meet pedialyte

Pedialyte® for Heat

Pedialyte helps you stand up to dehydration and get back to your fun in the sun. With 2x the electrolytes and one-half the sugar of the leading sports drink,* Pedialyte helps you rehydrate and feel better fast.

Know When to Hydrate

Signs of dehydration may include:

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When Heat Gets Serious

When heat gets extreme, dehydration can happen quickly. High temperatures combined with dehydration can lead to heat exhaustion through excessive losses of fluids and electrolytes via sweat. Symptoms of heat exhaustion may include headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, and increased thirst. If you are experiencing symptoms of heat exhaustion, immediately move to a cooler place to rest and rehydrate. Apply cool compresses and take sips of fluids. If left untreated, heat exhaustion may progress to heat stroke which may require medical attention or hospitalization.

Pedialyte Also Helps Hydrate During

stomach-bug stomach-bug stomach-bug

Stomach Bug

Stomach bugs and food poisoning are often accompanied by dehydration

exercise exercise exercise


Sweating out as little as 2% of your body weight can make working out feel harder

travel travel travel


From low-humidity airplane cabins to foodborne illness, travel can increase the risk of dehydration

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From blood donation to occasional morning sickness and breastfeeding, staying hydrated should be top of mind

* Featured Pedialyte products have at least 1030 mg sodium and no more than 25 g sugars per liter; leading sports drink has ~460 sodium and ~58 g sugars per liter.
† Mild to moderate dehydration.