Hydrate and Feel Better fast

Heat can be dehydrating. So can travel. Together, they can ruin your trip with signs of dehydration like fatigue, headaches, and dry skin. Pack Pedialyte® to rehydrate and feel better fast.

The Science Behind Fast Hydration

Pedialyte is scientifically formulated with a precise balance of electrolytes and glucose to rehydrate cells to help you feel better fast.

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For the Many Causes of Dehydration*

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Stomach Bug

Stomach bugs and food poisoning are often accompanied by dehydration

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Sweating out as little as 2% of your body weight can make working out feel harder

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Increased sweating can cause you to lose more electrolytes and leave you dehydrated

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From low-humidity airplane cabins to foodborne illness, travel can increase the risk of dehydration

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From blood donation to occasional morning sickness and breastfeeding, staying hydrated should be top of mind

#1 Brand Recommended by Doctors

Pedialyte has been backed by science since 1966 and is the #1 brand recommended by pediatricians, doctors, and pharmacists.

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Know the Signs of Dehydration*

Have a headache? Struggling through a workout? Is your little one unusually cranky? Dehydration may be a factor. Learn about the signs and how Pedialyte can help people of all ages rehydrate and feel better fast.

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A New Way to Hydrate on the Go

NEW Pedialyte® Fast Hydration Powder Packs make it easy to stay hydrated on the move. Just add water and hydrate anytime, anywhere.

* Mild to moderate dehydration.
† 60 mEq sodium electrolytes per liter vs 45 mEq in original Pedialyte.